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MedSchoolCoach provides AMWA students with pre-med and medical school admissions consulting, and exam tutoring to help students become physicians.

MCAT Preparation

Access videos, webinars and guidebooks created to help medical students at each step of the medical journey, written by expert MCAT tutors, with the intent of helping you improve your exam score.

Acing the MCAT: How to Crush the Chem/Phys and CARS Test Sections
Acing the MCAT: Tips and Recommendations
Acing the MCAT: Study Planning & CARS Tips
Acing the MCAT: 99th Percentile MCAT Scorers Teach You Bio/Biochem & Psych/Soc Hacks
When is the Latest I Can Take the MCAT to Apply this Cycle?
The MCAT Overview
Deep Dive on the MCAT
MCAT Mneumonic: Stop Codons
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100 MCAT Study Tips
Five Biggest Mistakes on the MCAT
Guide to Approaching AAMC MCAT Questions
Guide to Courses You Need for the MCAT
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Should I Retake the MCAT
Translational Motion
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Medical School Admissions

Access videos, webinars and guidebooks created by physician advisors with admissions committee experience to help you create and execute a strategy for an acceptance into the medical program you desire.

Pre-Med From A-Z (full course)
Medical School Letter of Recommendation: The Process Explained
Letters of Recommendation for Medical School
The Medical School Interview Day
The Ethics Scenario: MMI Samples
Health Care Policy: MMI Samples
Extracurricular Activites You Need
Am I a competitive applicant?
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Guide to Becoming a Physician
Guide to the Medical School Interview
Guide to the Personal Statement
College Planning Guide for Pre Meds: Freshman Year
College Planning Guide for Pre Meds: Sophomore Year
Approaching Medical School Secondary Applications
Five Must Have Activities for Admission to Medical School
Six Keys to An Effective Medical School Personal Statement
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The Medical School Personal Statement
AMCAS Application from A to Z: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
How to Ace Your Medical School Interview
Medical School Application Timeline
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Access videos, podcasts, webinars and guidebooks created by physician advisors with admissions committee experience to help you master your clinical knowledge and ace your COMLEX or USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 exams.

Dermatology Sample Question
Successfully Planning for Step 1 and 2
Six Keys to Scoring Well on the USMLE Step 1
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Studying for Step 1
Acing the USMLE Step 1: Creating a Study Plan that Works for YOU!
Identifying High Quality Resources for Step 2 CK
How to Honor Your Shelf Exams
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