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MCAT Podcasts & Webinars

Access podcasts and webinars created to help medical students at each step of the medical journey, written by expert MCAT tutors, with the intent of helping you improve your exam score.

How to Crush the MCAT Chem:Phys Section

Learn strategies and tips for the MCAT Chem/Phys section.

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MCAT Physics Crash-course: Light and Optics

Join Ken Tao and Mathias Jost to learn strategies and tips for the MCAT Physics Section.

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Tips and Trick for Reading CARS Passages on the MCAT

Join MCAT experts Ken Tao and Forrest Wilke to learn strategies and tips for the MCAT CARS Section.

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How to Master Research Passages for the MCAT

Ken Tao and Alex Starks from MedSchoolCoach provide expertise on how to master research passages on the MCAT exam.

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How to Get a 99th Percentile Score in the MCAT Chem/Phys & CARS Sections

Pre-med students often struggle with the Chem/Phys and CARS sections on the MCAT.

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COVID-19, Medical School Admissions and the MCAT

In this podcast, Dr. Mehta explores how COVID-19 may affect the MCAT and medical school admissions for the 2020 cycle.

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Should I Retake the MCAT

Listen in on this special bonus episode of the MCAT Basics Podcast helping you answer if you should retake the MCAT

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Translational Motion

Are you ready to tackle translational motion? MCAT Basics takes you through how to think about the concept

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